What to Submit

Your final submission will be a collection of files, all properly titled, and compressed into a zip file. Once you've created your zip file, email it to Chris Benner at cbenner@ucsc.edu Use this as a checklist. Your submission folder should consist of the following:

  • Two versions of your practicum
    • Version One: Includes your appendices
    • Version Two: Does not include appendices
    • Note: We ask for two versions because it's easier for sharing purposes
  • Standalone file versions of your appendices
    • Please put all appendices into a sub folder titled “Appendices”
    • If you are including any graphic design artifacts, please include the raw design files (.ai, .psd, etc.) as well as exported products (.png, .jpg, .pdf, etc.)
  • Grant documentation if applicable
  • Field notes/reports if applicable
  • Photos
    • Please put all photos into a sub folder

Regarding Photos

Please submit 10 of your best photos. Make sure you have at least 2-3 good photos of your site/project; at least 2-3 photo should include you doing your work and all should be at the highest resolution possible.

Taking Good Photos

Please keep this in mind as one of the things you need to do while your project is happening. Give someone else the camera or just ask them to remember to take a picture. We need at least one good shot where no one is looking at the camera. A line of people pretending to smile while looking directly forward does not make a compelling photo, so please make a good shot happen.

Regarding File Names

Please title your files and folders appropriately. This includes descriptive names like, Appendix A: Proposal.pdf and Project Practicum - Full.pdf. Note that it's totally OK to use spaces in file and folder names.