Publication Copy Examples


These examples come mainly from projects done in the Summer of 2015

Sara Shimel

Education is full of hard choices. There are only so many teachig hours in a day—do you teach kids to code or teach them to eat healthy? Everett Fellow Sara Shimel said, "Why not both?". The "Cooking and Coding" project taught middle school kids how to combine a newfound love of coding with the life skills of healthy eating. Read more about this amazing project! #UCSC  What would you do as a #GISESMajor? 

Ryan Shook

How does one man affect over 200? He builds capacity. Everett Fellow Ryan Shook is on a crusade to bring real world job skills to the Gilroy, CA homeless and near-homeless population. How does he do it? By building up the Gilroy Compassion Center to become an E-Waste Center!  #UCSC #Gilroy What would you do as a #GISESMajor?

Sandy Jiang

Immigrants in San Francisco's Chinatown often live in tiny Single Room Occupancy (SRO) units. Opportunities to learn English, much less basic internet skills are limited. Everett Student Sandy Jiang is very close to this issue, so she decided to put on a summer workshop series to teach parents living in SROs how to access the broader world through tablets. Find out more on Sandy's project page #UCSC What would you do as a #GISESMajor?

Tyler Spencer

Mining companies in South Africa are an integral part of the nation's economy, but the prosperity they bring comes at a ghastly price. Companies dump waste in poor communities with impunity while utilizing intimidation tactics to silence dissent. Everett Fellow Tyler Spencer worked closely with the Community Monitors to build a crowdsourced mapping tool for their agents. They can now build a real time map of violations and injustices. #UCSC What would you do as a #GISESMajor?

Jenny Cervantes

Nonprofits like the Walnut Avenue Women's Center do absolutely amazing work serving women and girls in Santa Cruz. Without them, many women would go without basic healthcare or simply a safe space. But that amazing work means that other things are harder to get running, like donation management platforms. Sometimes it takes an Everett Student like Jenny Cervantes to come in and take care of some technical stuff so an org can do their work even better. #UCSC What would you do as a #GISESMajor?

Olivia Bulan

The Digital NEST in Watsonville, CA is one of the most exciting and innovative things to happen to youth centers in years. Kids come to learn tech and up their school and job skills. To make sure that young women had a place in this new space, Everett Student Olivia Bulan worked with a group of girls to start the Athena Blog, a digital space for girls at the NEST. #UCSC What would you do as a #GISESMajor?

Tonje Switzer

Professor Steve McKay of @Sociology at UCSC has been at forefront of undergraduate engagement in research. His Working for Dignity Project surveyed over 1,100 people in SC County about low-wage work. Everett Fellow Tonje Switzer loved the experiene but felt constrained by the paper surveys so she decided that the follow up study, "Gimme Shelter" on housing in SC, needed a digital collection method. Tonje used Kobo Toolbox to digitize and make mobile the whole data collection process, saving literally hundreds of hours and helping more students participate. #UCSC What would you do as a #GISESMajor?

Julissa Sanchez

To address the lack of adequate educational and health resources for Los Angeles foster youth, Everett Fellow Julissa Sanchez worked to build the communications and development capacity for United Friends of the Children that serves approximately 1,700 foster youth. As a result, UFC was able to focus their communications strategy to include long term engagement and awareness that would financially support their programs and serve a greater number of foster youth through their education and housing programs. #UCSC What would you do as a #GISESMajor? 

Adriana Guevara

The town of Davenport, CA lies about 15 miles North of Santa Cruz along Highway 1. Most people think of it as nothing more than seven or eight storefronts but the people who live there struggle with lack of transportation and access to jobs. Everett Fellow Adriana Guevara teamed up with the Davenport Resource Center to  put on a series of Summer workships to teach teens about essential tech skills and resume building. #UCSC What would you do as a #GISESMajor?

Michelle Pancake

The Prison Yoga Project has been working for years to give inmates coping skills, positive energy, and calm minds while also training new PYP practitioners to carry on the word. Everett Student Michelle Pancake fell in love with the concept and practice and decided to help PYP build out its online community through use of a CRM and communications tools. #UCSC What would you do as a #GISESMajor?

Jessica Crosby

Last summer two Everett Program students partnered with the Urban Futures Centre at the Durban University of Technology and two NGO's, Carrots and Peas Kitchen and Senzokuhle Home Based Care Organisation. The students and NGO leaders worked together to practice computer literacy, as well as enhance the online presence of both organizations. #UCSC What would you do as a #GISESMajor?