Elective Justification

The Intensive Sociology major/minor differs from the normal Sociology major in the upper division elective requirements. Vanilla Sociology requires you to take a certain amount of electives within the Soc department and allows for a limited number of course substitutions. The Intensive major allows more freedom in terms of where you may take your upper division electives. Specifically, you may choose any upper division elective to satisfy your major requirements. The rub lies in how these contribute to your project and your growth as a technology activist and/or technology linked social change advocate after graduation.

Consider this an exercise in understanding your own intellectual development. How have your classes shaped you? How did they make you more effective in your project? How did they prepare you to go on and do social good after graduation while maintaining tech savvy-ness and confidence? Contact the Tech Director if you'd like some help in fleshing out your justifications.

Course List

We've compiled a list of classes (that is by no means exhaustive) to help give you an idea of courses that might fit well with the plan you're building for yourself. This list represents an ongoing conversation between you and Chris, so please shoot an email if you have questions about what's on here or want to add something.

Sample Justification

Below is what Thomas used for his justifications. Thomas's project was the 2012 implementation of the Youth Empowerment Institute. A project that brought students from Watsonville up to campus for a week of college access workshops and mobile apps labs.

  • SOCY 188G - Global Political Islam My work may bring me in contact with individuals from Islamic nations. As such it is important to understand the underpinnings of International relations regarding muslims, islamists, and moderates so that I may communicate effectively.
  • SOCY 169 - Social Inequality Needed to understand the processes behind wealth and dis/advantage dis/accumulation so that I may intervene effectively.
  • SOCY 194-11 - Mobile Apps for Change My practicum may incorporate a mobile feature. Also mobile apps are the emergent technology of social enterprise and as such it behooves me to familiarize myself with it.
  • SOCY 194-11 - civiCRM for Non-Profits Learning a Constituent Relationship Management system will aid me in making more useful relations with partners in my practicum. Also it will be useful when working with any NPO in the future.
  • SOCY 177 - Urban Sociology When working in cities or doing projects in cities, I need to understand the cultural dynamics that shape it and how cities are used and lived in.
  • SOCY 172 - Social Movements (Fall 12) Part of my job as a social entrepreneur is to understand how to motivate people to action and how movements behave.

Submitting Your Electives Justifications

Your elective justifications are not part of your practicum. They should be submitted in the quarter during which you plan to graduate. Please type up your electives along with your reasoning as to why they fit the GISES major, i.e. contribute to your project and your growth as a technology activist and/or technology linked social change advocate after graduation.

Please follow this link to the Electives Submission Form